Harare Health Workers Receive Disability Management Training

A Consortium of advocates for inclusive health for all has started a two day training workshop targeting City Of Harare Health workers
City Health department workers are undergoing disability management capacitation at a time when access to health services is a barrier for those living with disabilities.
Veronica Mwanza from Deaf Zimbabwe Trust said the workshop is meant to bridge the gap between the persons with disabilities and health workers.
“As Deaf Zimbabwe Trust we are here today training the health service providers on disability management and sign language. But we work as a consortium of three organisations namely Deaf Zimbabwe Trust, Mashambanzou Care Trust and Disability HIV and Aids Trust. We are training our healthcare services providers on how to assist disabled persons when they come for assistance to access services,” she said.
After conducting similar trainings across the country, the consortium this time are concetrating on the City of Harare.
“Our main target were the City Health Deoartment because when we did a survey, we found that most people with disabilities for instance the deaf. the first point of call when they need health services is the City Health Department. So they would go to any clinic nearby under the City Health. That’s why we decided that we need to train at least two or three individuals from each facility,” Mwanza said.
A City Health Department official Matron Sophia Chikono welcomed this training saying it will improve communication and management of persons with disability.

“Basically as healthcare providers we find that there are those living with disabilities. We are different. There are those who cannot speak, others with physical disabilities, those who cannot hear.
“They all seek our services. This workshop being done is very important for us healthworkers because we need to communicate and communication is very important. When they come to us and we communicate, they will feel being part of the community,” she said.

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