Ecobank Zimbabwe Intensifies Fight Against NCDs

PAN-AFRICAN Bank Ecobank has invested ZW$500 000 for the fight against non-communicable diseases in Zimbabwe.

By Kudakwashe Pembere

Speaking to HealthTimes on the sidelines of the Ecobank Day celebrations in Budiriro 5 on Saturday, the bank’s Head of Operations and Technology for the Sadc region Mr Frank Karara said as a Pan African financial services institution they were now focusing on health issues.

Its our operations as a bank, particularly a Pan African Bank,operating across Africa. We are concerned about health. If we have a healthy nation, we have a healthy economy and for business we have a healthy customer. We have a healthy workforce.

“Everything really is around health. If we deal with the health of the populace then you are assured that your business and the results you are going to put on the table are sustainable. So for us as a pan African bank, that was one of the considerations.

“And also considering that Africa is part of the developing world, it’s a developing continent we want to make sure that we don’t develop just one side of Africa but if we start with developing health we actually have a healthy African development. So for us that is the drive across the whole of Africa,” he said.

He said the donations they made of BP monitors among other consumables and also health services were worth ZW$500 000.

“Our donations when we look at it, they are not only about equipment. It extends to the services from our health partners Rapha and those to be offered continuously. We are working with a budget of ZW$500 000 on this outreach program.

Rapha Healthcare Systems Chief Medical Officer Dr Cletos Masiya said the event was meant to promote awareness on NCDs among residents.

“This exercise,this  promotion we are doing here is to bring awareness and highlight to the community that it’s not about big tests but simple interventions, simple consistent tests where you become your best level in profiling yourself against NCDs. People can do this at home. They can check their BPs at home and control their health. So Rapha Healthcare Systems where I am chief medical officer is strongly involved in various efforts to bring awareness to community against NCDs,” he said.

The event was themed Together For Better Health.

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