Govt Pours Water On Expatriate Doctors Rumour

The memo between Secretaries of Health and Foreign Affairs gone viral on social media about a contingent of 50 foreign doctors has by Government been dismissed as a hoax.

The expatriate doctors were supposedly expected in Zimbabwe on October 13. The letter was addressed to the Foreign Affairs secretary Ambassador James Manzou.

It was circulated against the background of the court battle between the doctors and Government to create an impression of trying to cover the gap left by the doctors on industrial action.

In an interview, Acting Permanent Secretary Dr Robert Mudyiradima rubbished the letter fake.

“All I can say as Acting Permanent Secretary is that this letter is fake,” he told HealthTimes. “It is fake.”

The letter is fake in that the fonts are not consistent. The font used on the date was not the same as that of the rest of the letter.

The Ministry of Information, Media and Broadcasting Service said in a tweet, “The public is informed that a letter circulating on Social Media purpoting to be from Permanent Secretary for Health and Childcare Dr A. Mahomva is not not authentic and its contents are not in line with Govt Policy.”

Meanwhile, doctors and government meet at the Labour Court on Thursday to receive a verdict from the judges on the doctor’s declaration of incapacitation legality.

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