Health Minister Engages Municipal Clinics

HEALTH and Child Care Minister Dr Obadiah Moyo says they have engaged the services of Harare and Bulawayo local authority health facilities to offer health services while waiting for the doctors who withdrew their labour to return.

Dr Moyo said he spoke with Harare City Health Services Dr Prosper Chonzi on this issue. He said they sent medicines to the clinics as a way of capacitating them.

The Health Minister said for emergency services they are relying on the senior doctors who did not withdraw their services as consultants in referral hospitals.

Dr Moyo said they are willing to dialogue more with the doctors preferably when they are at work.

Following the Labour Court ruling which outlawed the doctors’ collective withdrawal of labour, Government and the doctors have begun arbitration process after the expiration of the 48-hour ultimatum.

Dr Moyo  Labour Court had a provision for arbitration, which Government was now pursuing.

He said the process should be done within 14 days.

“The Labour Court ruling allows for arbitration; it makes life easy for everyone. There would be an arbitrator, who will be able to oversee negotiations.

“As part of that arbitration, we should be able to come up with results,” said Dr Moyo.

The minister said Government was still open for negotiations and hoped the arbitration process would break the deadlock.

“The process has to be completed within 14 days from the ruling. We had our team approaching the court to ensure that the process takes place, so this is the best form of negotiation for both parties and I think within 14 days, this whole process should have been completed,” said Dr Moyo.

Meanwhile Health Service Boars (HSB) chair Dr Paulinus Sikhosana said Treasury paid the 60 percent cost of living adjustment monies which will reflect in health workers’ bank accounts by the end of this month.

“By the time the adjustments were approved, the Salaries Services Bureau (SSB) had already shut down their payroll for October. We were then advised to seek supplementary funding from Treasury.

“The adjustment will however be paid before the end of October and will not reflect on tomorrow’s (today) payslip,” said Dr Sikosana.

Watch the Minister explain the engagement with local authorities…

Minister’s Statement On Arbitration, Municipal Engagement, Dialogue

Dr Sikhosana on 60percent COLA






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