Doctors Unfazed By Disciplinary Action

ZIMBABWE Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA) says  Government’s firing of 77 doctors who declared incapacitation 64 days ago would bot stop the job action nor bring food on the tables of medical practitioners.

By Kudakwashe Pembere

In an interview, Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association treasurer general Dr Tapiwa Mungofa said they loved to continue negotiating.

But the Health Service Board has shown that it is negotiating in bad faith,” he said.

In a statement, the association for junior doctors said HSB had shot itself on the foot.

“Whilst the Zimbabwean citizens and the Government of Zimbabwe have entrusted them with a simple mandate of resolving the crisis in our Healthcare system, they have shaken the nation by firing the very few doctors in the country.

“This shocking decision and direct confrontation to the doctoring profession shows clear, that they don’t care about the suffering masses of our people and the ordinary citizens who rely on government hospital for health care,” the doctors said.

Added the doctors, “This move has come without solutions but as an exacerbation to the current ongoing impasse and Ifs a clear reflection of how the health services board continues to negotiate in bad faith.”

The doctors maintain their stance that they membership will not be intimidated or deterred in asking for a livable wage

“In doing so we maintain that we have not committed any crime by being broke,” ZHDA said.

The doctors said they while incapacitated they wait to see how the firing will solve the crisis.

“We eagerly wait to see how this move which defies all common sense will serve as a solution the already strained healthcare system. Nothing has been done to improve the welfare of doctors and hospitals working environments therefore doctors nationwide remain incapacitated,” ZHDA said.






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