Frontline AIDS Booklet Tackles HIV Status Disclosure

FRONTLINE AIDS has developed a pamphlet which seeks to address the issue of HIV status disclosure amongst children and caregivers in a bid to increase relations between the two groups.

By Michael Gwarisa

According to Frontline AIDS, the booklet has been developed from the stories of young people and families in the READY+ programme.

Stories have been gathered from eSwatini, Tanzania and Zimbabwe to share the experiences of caregivers caring for children and young people living with HIV.

“We hope it provides parents and caregivers with information  and ideas to support conversations with children and young people about HIV.These stories are followed by questions to start discussions and help caregivers think about their own experiences,” said Frontline AIDS.

There are also information pages that offer guidance on how to support children  and young people to talk about HIV when they are ready. The stories have been gathered through READY+ partners and we would like to thank the families who shared their experiences with  us and all the story gatherers.

“We have changed the names to protect the identities of individuals, but the stories are based on real lives of young people living with HIV. This booklet can be used by individuals, or by groups as part of a support group session.”

CLICK HERE To Access Booklet

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