CIMAS Launches Campaign To Demystify Medical Aid Misconceptions

CIMAS Medical Aid Society on Thursday launched an information campaign to address the stereotypes about medical aid societies.

By Kudakwashe Pembere

Dubbed ‘Secure With Us’, the campaign also seeks to increase awareness to their services along with steps taken to add value to them.

CIMAS Group Chief Executive Vuli Ndlovu said the primary concern was to promote health of its members and ensure access to affordable quality healthcare.

As part of our strategy to preserve and add value to the services that we offer we have restructured our medical aid packages to enable those who can and wish to contribute in US dollars and so preserve the value of their benefits and to enable those who can afford to pay a market and fund linked contribution to do so too in order to minimise short falls,” he said.

Supporting this information campaign, CIMAS Medical Aid Managing Director Mr Martin Mushanbadope said with effect from February they will do away with three packages and grouping the remaining ones into three categories namely International, Comprehensive and Standard packages.

“For starters with effect February 1 2020, we will be offering simplified products that have been classified into three categories. These products are tailor made to suit different lifestyles based on different member profiles. The three categories are as follows.

“The first category is international packages. The second category is comprehensive packages and last but not least, the standard packages. The international packages are Healthguard deluxe. That’s the top tier. Healthguard essential, the middle tier and the entry level which is Healthguard classic. These will be provided by Healthguard international.

“These contributions will be in United States Dollars and access to health services will be within the region of sub Saharan Africa as well as India. And the rest of the world with special arrangements to be made between the member and CIMAS as the funder. The comprehensive packages are the long-time favourites which we have revamped to make sure that product structure allows accessibility and benefits by offering comprehensive cover.

“These are prime, MedExec and private hospital plus. The contributions from these packages will track medical inflation and fund performance on a monthly basis. Contributions will of course be in local currency. The standard packages, last but certainly not least are private hospital, iCare and basic care members will have access to all CIMAS facilities, service providers within the CIMAS Bluezone network. Contributions will also be in local currency, “he said.

The group chief marketing officer Rufaro Masunda said the rationale behind the launch is to correct misconceptions regarding medical aid societies at a time when medical costs have been escalating.

“Medical aid societies unwilling to burden their members with heavy increases in subscriptions have found themselves unable to increase significantly their tariffs for various medical services leaving members with shortfalls to pay,” she said.






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