Harare To Ban Hosepipes Use

HARARE City is considering banning the use of watering hosepipes as a way of curbing and containing the abuse of the scarce resource.

By Kudakwashe Pembere

Harare Environmental Management Committee chairperson Counsellor Kudzai Kadzombe said top on their agenda in their first meeting as a committee is to ban hosepipes.

“We are facing a water crisis at the moment and we are making a resolution in our first environmental management committee next week to ban the usage of hosepipes,” she said.

She explained that the reason why there are banning hosepipes is because the usage cannot be controlled.

“What we then encourage our residents is for them to start recycling water. So basically this means water that was used to wash their cars, or to bath and they can just use it for toilet use or to irrigate their gardens,” said Cllr Kadzombe.

Punitive measures will be taken against residents who flout this directive.

“If residents do not adhere to this, we are going to introduce stiff penalties that are going to be effected to the residents,” she said.

According to Tameside, the average hosepipe uses 170 litres of water for every 10 minutes that it is turned on.

“That’s almost 19 flushes of a toilet in just 10 minutes. In one hour a hosepipe will use the same amount of water as a whole family would use in 2 days,” reads the site.






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