#BREAKING: Doctors To Expand Emergency Services In Public Hospitals

SENIOR doctors have agreed to expand the emergency services mode in hospitals in a bid to ease the suffering masses.

By Michael Gwarisa

In a statement, the Senior Doctors Association of Zimbabwe (SHDA) said the resolution was agreed on following a an exercise they carried out  early this year where they went through the hospitals together with hospital managers; to inspect and physically see the restocking that had been done as well as highlighting on the state of the hospital equipment in the central hospitals around the country.

The exercise was meant to deterrnine the level of service members would now be capable of offering in the institutions when operational. The SHDA mandated members managed to go through all the central hospitals except one whose management was hostile.

“On 15 January 2020, the SHDA executive met the Acting President, His Excellency Honourable CDGN Chiwenga and deliberated on the issues bedevilling the health delivery system of the nation. The Acting President has expressed his commitment to a holistic approach to handling the situation.

In a meeting of the members of the SHDA on 201anuary 2020, members agreed to upscale from only offering emergency services to include the urgent cases which could not be assisted all along based on the assessments done by their executive. This is meant to ease the suffering of the masses who are the consumers of our services despite the lack of commitment from the Ministry of Health and Child Care,” said the Doctors.

They added that the issues that caused the incapacitation remain unresolved and government should show commitment to resolve the impasse between doctors and the employer.

“In view of the persisting shortages, relatives are expected to actively take part in the care of their loved ones through the purchase of drugs and sundries from time to time including some drugs that are ordinarily hospital based and not found in general pharmacies.

“Some complicated surgeries and other procedures requiring sophisticated equipment shall remain suspended until such a time equipment is availed. The Flexi hours system remains actively in place despite all efforts to compel the Ministry of Health and Child Care to remove it.”

As a way of mitigating against the impact of the flexi hours system, the doctors said seeing only urgent and emergency cases shall help limit the number of admissions to minimise on patient losses that are caused by the flexi-hours system.

“Doctors salaries remain low and unable to sustain their ability to offer full service. The SHDA is thankful to the Higher Life Foundation for its commitment towards scholarships and mentorship funds towards the doctors as well as its various initiatives towards improving the health delivery service in Zimbabwe.

“Doctors hope the government will honour its responsibility of paying a liveable wage to its workers soon.”

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