MedTours Africa Eyes Global Market

Cheu Pswarayi

MEDICAL tourism firm, MedTours Africa has set its eyes on the global market at the back of a growing demand for their services in other regions.

By Michael Gwarisa

In an interview with HealthTimes on the sidelines of the MedTours Africa 5th Anniversary celebrations in Harare, MedTours Executive Director, Dr Cheu Pswarayi said demand for medical tourism services was on the rise the world over and they intend to fill hat gap.

We are going global, Medtours Africa is going global because what we have seen in the five years is that there is need for the service and because I have travelled and seen for myself. I can say there is also need for the service in other African countries.

“Its not a situation which is just peculiar to Zimbabwe. I have been to Zambia, Mozambique, Nigeria and even Botswana and there is need for Medical tourism because of the skills and technology gap in some of these countries and people need to travel for medical treatment elsewhere,” said Dr Pswarayi.

She added that they have already engaged agents in regional countries so as to come up with packages and services that fit certain countries and their specific health needs.

“We are going regional as well, I have already engaged agents in Zambia so we are we are starting there with agents and then we are setting up a company in Cameroon , we are getting that process established.

“The next five years are going to be MedTours Africa footprint within Africa. In Zimbabwe there is still need but unfortunately because of the currency issues, not many people travelled even though there is need. We are still going to continue in Zimbabwe but as I said earlier, we are going regional then global.”

MedTours Africa is a medical tourism facilitating company founded in 2015, with an aim of providing medical tourists in the sub-Saharan region a one-stop shop for all their international medical travel services and logistics.

Over the years, owing to the deteriorating standards in the local healthcare facilities, many people have sought medical assistance in foreign countries especially India and MedTours Africa has been one of the leading firms in facilitating smooth travel and treatment for Zimbabweans.

“We now have a track record, that’s the beauty of five years. Patients who have used our services have written down on how they have been satisfied with our services. Most of them indicated that they are 100 percent happy even the two who unfortunately died while in foreign lands, their family members can testify how good we were with them.

“I pride myself with that band that goes beyond me, that speaks about the team who have joined me. We are professional and we get things done.”

Meanwhile, Medtours Africa is also running a charity organisation, Health Horizons Trust which aims at mobilising resources for the vulnerable and those who can not afford huge health costs to get assistance both locally and abroad.

In a bid to make ensure patients get medical services, MedTours has also partnered with over 20 internationally recognised medical institutions in India such as Artemis, Apollo, Wockhardt, Sharda hopsitla, Fortis hospital all of which have national and international accreditation.

The company is also in the process of finalising agreements with other hospitals that are in the SADC region in countries like South Africa and Zambia






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