Govt Considers Banning Public Gatherings

DAILYNEWS:  Government is considering banning public gatherings until the world contains coronavirus, the Daily News can report.
Although Zimbabwe is still to record any positive case of the deadly virus, authorities are not leaving anything to chance after the disease was confirmed in neighbouring South Africa where 13 people have been detected to have the killer disease so far.
South Africa is Zimbabwe’s biggest trading partner.
Health minister Dr  Obadiah Moyo told Senate on Tuesday that a meeting of Sadc ministers of Health held in Tanzania on Monday resolved that member States would prohibit public gatherings in a move that could also affect activities such as football matches.
This was after Moyo was asked by MDC senator Theresa Makone what measures the government was taking to avoid the spread of the disease.
In response, Moyo told senators that the government was contemplating banning public gatherings.
“The issue of stadia is the one which I talked about, especially soccer. I came from Tanzania today (Tuesday) and in that meeting it was said we do not want large gatherings.
“For example soccer, other countries, if you check in England, only the playing teams go to the stadia. Only 22 players will be in the stadium and they play without spectators.
“We understand that our team will be playing in Algeria. That is where we have a problem. They will go there and meet other people. We understand there are people who are sick in some parts of the country and they will meet those people. We have to quickly see what we can do on that issue. They must not go,” said Moyo.
According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), more than 115 000 people have been diagnosed while more than 4 000 have died from the coronavirus, which first broke out in China’s Wuhan Province last December.
Relatively few cases have been confirmed in African countries, including in Egypt, Algeria, and Senegal, with the latest and closer to home being in South Africa.
Moyo said the government would ensure visitors to Zimbabwe were screened for the virus before they are allowed into the country.

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