#JUSTIN: Chitungwiza Council Allows Kitchen Feeding Project To Continue

THE  Chitungwiza City Council has allowed the Chitungwiza soup kitchen run by lawyer Samantha Murozoki to continue after it had been temporarily shut down by Government.

The council will provide the soup kitchen with a new place which has been identified at a local crèche.

Meanwhile she will cook from home until the place is ready. All her helpers will be tested for Covid-19 and they will be provided with council police to help them control the crowds that always number into thousands daily!

Let us all SUPPORT this kitchen initiative that feeds little kids with breakfast, and adults with lunch and dinner.

You can support by sending any amount to Samantha via Ecocash Number +263786701002.

If you are outside the country, use same number, EcoCash has guaranteed that they will give her any foreign donations that come through her Ecocash number in USD.



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  1. Imrana

    Please send contact details for Samantha murokozi

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