Blood Bank Running At Less Than 5 Days Stocks

THE National Blood Service Zimbabwe (NBSZ),  the country’s blood bank has run dry. By Michael Gwarisa Speaking during a Webiner Press Conference, NBSZ Public Affairs manger, Ms Esther Massundah told journalists that stocks had drastically been depleted over the knockdown period owing to a myriad of factors chief among them being lack of funding to procure critical consumables. We are currently running low in terms of our blood stocks. We have got blood stocks that are below the five days, which is the standard requirement of the blood bank to…

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#Talking COVID-19 With Dr Grant: COVID-19 And Lessons For Africa

Dr Grant Murewanhema

THE world is currently undergoing one of the worst challenges ever; something nobody had foreseen. Millions of people have been infected by the novel coronavirus; hundreds of thousands have died, and a lot more have battled for their lives. By Dr Grant Murewanhema Governments have imposed lockdowns, and productivity has gone down. The developed world, especially the UK, USA and American countries have been hardest hit by the pandemic, and many of these are struggling to cope on many fronts. Economies are expected to crash following protracted periods of suppressed…

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