Address by His Excellency Cyril Ramaphosa Focus on South Africa …effect on neighbours, Zim in particular

By Catherine Murombedzi Health Correspondent

● Country remains at Level 3
● Not yet at peak,
● All taxis on long trips must observe 70% occupancy
● Local taxis to ply at 100% observing all measures
● Alcohol sales prohibited with immediate effect
● Curfew effective Monday 13 July, 2020, 9pm to 4am no travel except from work or seeking medical assistance.
● Ease restrictions on auctions eased, agriculture, parks open for exercises.
● Family visits still prohibited, we note as social beings those with aged parents find it difficult, however, it is necessary
● The National disaster date has been stretched to 15 August

South Africa is in the eye of the COVID-19 storm.
● 276 242 confirmed cases
● 12 000 daily
● 500 new infections hourly
● 4079 have died.
● A quarter of deaths noted in the last week.
● 3 premiers confirmed.
Surge in infections set to rise, we are informed we are not yet at the peak.
Cold fronts from the south Atlantic to bring more havoc.
Resources stretched. Western Cape 50 000 cases surpassed, set to hit 80 000 cases.
Eastern Cape, Gauteng peaking with September set to be the peak.
We have however, experienced low death rates due to dedication of frontline workers, the measures we have taken, although not perfect, but the number that we serve matters.
● A total of 134 000 patients have recovered to date.
Some among us ignore the regulations to combat the spread of the disease.
There are people organising parties, drinking sprees, walk around without masks, some see no problem attending funerals with over 50 people with even 1000 people in attendance. Many down playing seriousness of this virus.
Social gatherings, after tears funeral parties, weddings, people have contracted the virus and died at after tears parties. These parties have contributed to the spread of the virus. The virus is spread by human behaviour, it does not move on its own.
● According to projections, South Africa may have between 40 000 to 50 000 deaths according to projections — we can prove them wrong.
● We must put on masks when outdoors, wash hands, sanitize surfaces, keep safe distance of 2 metres from others, with evidence that the virus maybe airborne we must improve the indoor ventilation in closed environs. We must do this in shops, offices, schools, restaraunts, hospitals, all areas people converge to minimise the further spread.

Coming months

Months ahead must be crucial. 2 million tests done, frontline workers have done
28000 hospital beds for the novel virus. 37 000 quarantine beds ready to isolate those not able to do so at home.
CSIR producing 12000 more ventilators for delivery by August with more companies producing ventilators locally.
● Shortfall of 12 000 health workers.
● Facilities under strain, supplies strained, we have to move with urgency to manage our peak in the coming weeks.
● Conversion of field hospitals under way.
● We are employing more nurses, doctors, volunteers, pharmacists, medical students are volunteering exemplifying commitment.
● People with under lying conditions urged to strictly observe measures.

Return to Level 4 or 5 has been considered. Taking the step would not achieve much difference. Long lasting social harm can result from such a move.
● It is recommended by COVID command team and Cabinet, the country remains at Level 3 at this moment and observe all the measures.
● Tribute to frontline workers, the media, the police, soldiers, everyone mitigating the further spread of COVID-19.
● Let’s rebuild our economy, greatest test of nationhood lies ahead.
● No one stands alone, we will weather the storm as we have weathered other storms that faced our nation
I thank you.
● Bulletin powered by HIFC

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