#JUSTIN: Cross Boarder Trucks Reversing Zim COVID-19 Containment Efforts

CROSS boarder vehicles are making it difficult for Zimbabwe to combat the raging COVID-19 amidst indications that truckers and other cross boarder vehicles operators are smuggling returnees into the country, in the process evading mandatory quarantine which allows health workers to monitor them for any possible symptoms of infection. By Michael Gwarisa In a media brief, Information, Publicity and broadcasting services minister, Honorable Monica Mutsvangwa said even though the country appears to be suffering from lockdown fatigue does s not give Citizens  immunity from infections. Enforcement has been intensified to…

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Oxford, Wits Universities Conducting ÇOVID-19 Vaccine Trails

Dr Portia Hunidzarira, University of Zimbabwe, Clinical Health Science (CHS)-Clinical Trials Research Centre (CTRC) in March walked journalists on the vaccine roadmap.

THE Oxford University is running COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trials in collaboration with Wits University of South Africa. The vaccine was developed at the University of Oxford’s Oxford Jenner Institute and is currently on trial in the UK. Over 4 000 participants are already enrolled into the clinical trial and enrolment of an additional 10 000 participants is planned. The clinical trials are running in the UK, Brazil and South Africa. Why South Africa for vaccine trials? South Africa is the epicentre of COVID-19 in Africa. With 60% of the infections…

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Religious Beliefs And culture, Barriers To Accessing SHRH

“PUBLIC hearings are announced, people do not attend. The communities show no interest in the formation of policies only to complain later…” By Catherine Murombedzi Health Correspondent Conforming to societal expectations has been a drawback to acceptance that culture is dynamic. The need to adapt and adopt to the ever changing requirements in life are required to keep pace with the changes. Some cultural and religious norms have limited or even hindered acceptance to changes in the global village. In Zimbabwe, we have societal pressure as a barrier in most…

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NCD Alliance Launches New Civil Society Solidarity Fund In Response To COVID19


TWENTY Civil Society Alliances from Africa, Asia, Europe, Eastern Mediterranean and Latin America will be awarded grants to accelerate the response to the coronavirus pandemic through the first Civil Society Solidarity Fund on Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs) and COVID-19, which was announced today by the NCD Alliance during a high-level online event. HealthTimes Reporter Todd Harper, President of the NCD Alliance, said: “The coronavirus pandemic shows many intersections between COVID-19 and NCDs. People living with NCDs are more vulnerable to COVID-19, with a substantially higher risk of becoming severely ill or…

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