#JUSTIN: Cross Boarder Trucks Reversing Zim COVID-19 Containment Efforts

CROSS boarder vehicles are making it difficult for Zimbabwe to combat the raging COVID-19 amidst indications that truckers and other cross boarder vehicles operators are smuggling returnees into the country, in the process evading mandatory quarantine which allows health workers to monitor them for any possible symptoms of infection.

By Michael Gwarisa

In a media brief, Information, Publicity and broadcasting services minister, Honorable Monica Mutsvangwa said even though the country appears to be suffering from lockdown fatigue does s not give Citizens  immunity from infections.

Enforcement has been intensified to penalize truck drivers and unauthorized passengers who are failing to adhere to regulations imposed under Statutory Instrument 93 of 2020 that regulates restricted goods and cross border vehicles transiting through Zimbabwe.

“My fellow Zimbabweans, COVID19 is real and let us not engage in actions that put us at a greater risk of infection. The use of cross border vehicles as a means of transportation is taking the nation back in its fight against the pandemic,” said Minister Mutsvangwa

She added that repatriation of Zimbabweans from beyond borders continues. To date a total of 11 889 returnees have been processed through quarantine facilities.

“The Taskforce was informed that an Air Zimbabwe flight which is expected to repatriate Zimbabweans from Guangzhou and Wuhan Provinces in China developed a technical problem and is in Bangkok. A replacement engine has been airlifted to Thailand today.”

She also said new information surrounding the COVID19 pandemic is coming out, Government is adjusting its response and action plans in order to ensure that the country is taking the correct preventative and protective precautions to combat the virus.

“In light of the increased positive cases that are being recorded, efforts are being channeled to resource medical facilities that will deal with COVID19 cases. As such 13 foreign trained Zimbabwean doctors and members have been apAQpointed and they are to assume duty starting from today, 13 July 2020.”






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