The Power of The Youth to End Neglected Tropical Diseases

On this International Youth Day, we celebrate the power of the youth as critical agents of social change at the community, village or national and global levels. We recognize the role that young people play in creating conversations and engaging with the public to take action on unequal opportunities that are rampant mostly among marginalized populations. Youth Combating NTDs is a global community of young people fighting to end neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). This youth-led initiative is designed to mainstream the participation of young people in NTDs and is an…

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As We Battle The Covid-19 Pandemic, Lets Not Forget The Avoidable Non-Covid Causes Of Morbidity And Mortality

Dr Grant Murewanhema

ITS now six months since Zimbabwe reported its first case of COVID-19. The cases have exceeded 5000, with 130 officially confirmed deaths. The trajectory of the pandemic in the country so far has been better than what is being experienced in South Africa, which has since surpassed  the 500 000 mark with over 10 000 fatalities. Fear and anxiety have been high in Zimbabwe, especially given the dilapidated state of the public health system, the perennial industrial actions by healthcare workers over deplorable salaries, the obsolete equipment in most hospitals,…

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