Division Rocks Nurses Strike, Some Returning To Work On Monday

THE three month long industrial action by nurses hangs in limbo amidst indications that some nurses have thrown in the towel after Health and Child Care Minister, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga indicated that he would only negotiate with those reporting for duty.

By Michael Gwarisa

Impeccable sources close to the developments told this publication that the nurses camp was under siege from dark forces who were influencing other nurses to genuflect to government’s demands even in the absence of a good remuneration and Personal Protective Clothing (PPE).

It’s a divide and rule tactic, I am sure somebody was given some kick back. We hear the minister has indicated that he cannot negotiate with people who are not at work and some are already making plans to resume work on Monday. Someone has sold out and it’s just unfortunate. As long as we continue with this attitude, the employer will never take us seriously and will continue trampling on our rights.

Too bad some are content with the peanuts we are getting to the extent that they dump a struggle we all believe in so much. Imagine spending three months on strike only to return to work without a tangible solution or agreement to the crisis having been reached,” said one Nurse who requested anonymity.

Another nurse said there was disgruntlement withing the ranks of the Nurses Associations and people feel there is no longer need to continue with the strike.

“You can see that as the days are going by, nurses are getting agitated and are no longer comfortable staying at home without any meaningful agreement being reached.

“We have stayed too long wishing and hoping there would be a solution soon to our crisis but it seems this will take forever. We are tired and staying at home is no longer an option. I would rather risk being called a sellout but at least at the end of the day, i will still have a job.”

Contacted for comment, Zimbabwe Nurses Association (ZINA)president, Enock Dongo said he would not comment on the issue as yet.

“I cannot comment on the issue as yet, yes something along those lines has passed through my ears by I can’t comment on the issue now,” said Dongo.

The nurses and other health workers downed tools three months ago citing incapacitation as a result of poor remuneration and lack of essential protective gear to protect them against the COVID-19 infection.

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