Uzumba Councillor Commences Construction Of Four Clinics, Targets To Reduce Maternal Complications

COUNCILLOR for Uzumba, Ward 14, Cllr Fagio Marowa has embarked on an ambitious project to build four clinics in Mayema, Mutize, Zenga and Kaseke in a bid to improve access to primary health care services for more than 8000 villagers.

By Michael Gwarisa Recently In Uzumba

At the moment majority of villagers from at least 27 villages are getting health assistance at Nhakiwa Clinic which to some is located 20 kilometers away and in most cases is difficult to access during rainy seasons due to flooded rivers and a rugged terrain. Uzumba Ward 14 has a population of 8790 and 4436 households.

Cllr Marowa tours the Clinic’s site in Mutize

Speaking to HealthTimes on the side-lines of the Clinics’ ground-breaking ceremony, Cllr Marowa said all was set for construction of the clinics and the target was to complete all four health facilities by December 2021.

We have been working with the communities to mould bricks, gather river sand and stones clear the ground for construction among other activities. Other sponsors have also come on board to assist us with cement donations and other essential material needed in the building of these clinics.

“People from Mutize would walk for about 20 kilometers to get to the nearest clinic and during the rainy seasons, it would be a challenge as some have to cross flooded rivers and just to access health services. This place is also mountainous and this has also impacted negatively on maternal health as heavily pregnant women would find it difficult to navigate the rugged terrain. We would at times get maternal complications and even deaths because pregnant women were not getting assistance on time,” sad Cllr Marowa.

Villagers gather for a Cllrs brief in Mayema

He added there was also a rise in work related accidents and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) in the area due artisanal mining in the area in the river beds and the new clinics would also address this this.

“Unlike before, now people in all these areas no longer need to walk long distances to access health services. They now just need to walk or travel a distance of less than 5 Kilometers to get to the nearest health facility. As I mentioned before, this place is mountainous and it also harbors venomous snakes and snake bites need urgent attention and with these new clinics, we believe such health complications are going to be a thing of the past.”

Cllr Marowa and the Clinics Architect Mr Washington Manyonga

Meanwhile, delivery of building material will start arriving at the health clinics sites in the coming week and the Cllr also invited other players from the corporate world and well wishers to partner in the initiative.

Speaking at the same event, Village Head Garikai Marewa from Marewa Village said the new clinics were a blessing to the communities.
Village Head Garikai Marewa Showing the clinic’s construction site at Mayema

“We used to struggle to access health services mainly because of the long distance one has to travel to get to the nearest clinic. From our village, that is Marewa, we would walk 14 Kilometres to get to the clinic.

[pullquote]“I encourage the Cllr and his team to keep on working hard to ensure our community becomes a better place and also stands tall in offering quality healthcare services,” said Village Head Marewa.[/pullquote]

Village Head Mutize  concurred with his counterpart and said the dream to have a health facility in the area had finally come to pass.

Cllr Marowa pose for a photo with villagers at Mukize Clinic’s site

“When I was young, way back in 1994, somebody came with almost a similar proposal and as a community we worked hard moulding bricks and all but nothing happened. I am glad that what’s happening here today also fulfills our late father and grandfather, Headman Mutize’s who also had this vision.

“Before he died, he told us to support Cllr Marowa’s vision and he gave us this piece of land to build this clinic and for that, we are very grateful,” said Headman Mutize.

Mrs Sunungurai Nenerai a villager from Mayema said the Clinics were going  to improve access to health services especially for women who bear the biggest health burden.









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