Healthcare Workers Raise Concern On Working Conditions

HEALTH care workers have raised safety concerns while offering COVID-19 services to the nation.
They have families to worry about just like everyone else.

By Catherine Murombedzi

The above sentiments were highlighted by the Aids and TB Director in the MoHCC, Dr Owen Mugurungi in Kadoma. He was speaking at the Northern Region Meaningful Involvement of People Living with HIV forum, (MIPA).

We wish we could get tested, (COVID-19) as staff we don’t even know our COVID-19 status and yet we deal with patients everyday,” the Sister in Charge of Manicaland said.

“I fear for my family. While we are unlike the celebrated frontline workers in other parts of the world that get provided with quarantine facilities after work before they re engage with the families,” added a nursing sister from Manicaland.
“The issue of our unpreparedness as a country makes us fear even more, as we have also seen what COVID-19 has done to other countries,” said another Matron.

“Ini hangu, I am just tired and whether zvazvaita tongotarisa! Tokuonai muchiuya makapfeka ma mask, isu vacho dealing with the patients hatina,” the Matron for Masvingo said.

Some of these issues were raised as the lockdown was effected in the early months. Much has improved with the National Aids Council, (NAC) through the MoHCC giving ZWL$1 million to acquire personal protective equipment (PPE).

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