Zimbabwe Records Reduction In New HIV Infections In June 2020 As Compared To June 2019

EASE  of collecting medication for people on life long medication has improved in the last two months during due to measures adopted by government and partners during the lockdown period to minimize the risk of acquiring COVID-19.
By Catherine Murombedzi
Depending on the current inventory stock-status and to ensure clients minimise travel, the Ministry of Health and Child Care (MoHCC) advised on providing a resupply which lasted a minimum of three months or up to 6 months for clients who were not ill.
Each centre looked at its inventory and the variance of supply was a result of this,” said Dr Owen Mugurungi, the Aids and TB Director on the MoHCC.
He was giving an update at the sensitisation meeting of representatives of the Northern Region of People Living with HIV.
Dr Mugurungi decried the decrease of other health services during the lockdown.
Clinics were authorised to resupply all in need of chronic medication  wherever a client had called to collect. The lockdown had seen visitors unable to travel to their usual centres, clinics had to give visitors 3 month’s resupply and one could come back for further resupplies if the client had not managed to travel back home to their centre.
TB/HIV testing
“There was a reduction of new HIV infections in June 2020 as compared to June 2019. This was a result of constraints on HIV screening and testing. Viral load testing was also on the low side with a 48 percent decline noted in samples taken for testing to the laboratories.
COVID-19 awareness, prevention, screening and treatment placed other health needs on hold, this should not be.
For COVID-19, the country is doing well with the curve flattening. As of 13 September, 2020, active COVID-19 had 174 cases with 7632 recovered from a cumulative 8036 and 230 deceased.
“We are not out of the woods, we should remain alert,” remains COVID-19 Chief Co-ordinator in The President’s Office, Dr Agnes Mahomva’s mantra.
Let’s continue to observe social distancing, frequent washing of hands,  having a mask when in public and in closed places and we can only celebrate when the storm is over when a vaccine and cure is availed.

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