Debunking The COVID-19 preventive Misconception As Zimbabwe And Africa Face A Resurgence Of Cases

Dr Grant Murewanhema

BY some stroke of luck, or as yet unexplained factor(s), Zimbabwe, and indeed most of Sub-Saharan Africa, have been spared from the full wrath of SARS-CoV-2, the causative coronavirus for COVID-19. For a virus that decimated populations in developed countries with advanced healthcare, the worst was expected for Africa. By Dr Grant Murewanhema Projections were that Africa was going to be grossly overwhelmed with cases; formal hospitals would be filled to capacity, including floors and passages, and there would be a need for makeshift hospitals. For a virus whose spread…

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World Diabetes Day: Nurses Critical In Screening And Management Of Diabetes

TODAY, Zimbabwe and the international community observes the World Diabetes Day to raise awareness around the chronic illness. To mark this important day, the Government of Zimbabwe, through the Ministry of Health and Child Care have provided a three-day screening campaign for Gweru residents, with the support from the Zimbabwe Diabetes Association and the World Health Organisation (WHO). WHO Communications Department “This is a noble initiative that my whole community and I really appreciate and hoping this will be done more often. I cannot afford to pay for diabetes screening…

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