Zimbabwe COVID-19 Deaths Breach 1000 Mark

20 March 2020 is when we confirmed the first case of SARS-CoV-2 in Zimbabwe, and a few days later we had lost a prominent young man (may his soul continue to rest in peace). The initial trajectory was slow, and by October we thought the local outbreak was under control.

By Dr Grant Murewanhema

Sadly our confirmed cases started to rise again, with a significant rise in the first 2 weeks of January, possibly attributable to an influx of returnees from abroad and unrestricted human movements during the festive period. This just shows how human behaviour can make or break outbreaks.

Sadly today we reached and surpassed an undesirable milestone, with the number of officially reported fatalities from COVID-19 now 1005. The total cases confirmed to date are now 31320, with 22250 recoveries. We have to be grateful that the increase in case burden was never as exponential as was witnessed elsewhere. With a highly fragile system struggling to cope with what we have now, the least we would have desired is a huge number of infected cases requiring hospitalisation; we simply cant afford.

The government has operational plans and testing strategies etc, but the greatest contribution for control is probably personal and societal. Lets keep preventing, educating our communities and avoiding unnecessary gatherings. We can beat this through our concerted efforts. God bless and have a fruitful week.

The virus does not move, people move it and continued flouting of set COVID-19 prevention regulations could worsen an already gloomy scenario. In other parts of the world where the virus has hit hard, high fatalities and infections have been recorded  and should we continue with current tepid approach, more lives could be lost.

For now, let us continue to wear our face masks, physical distance and sanitising our hands to prevent the spread of the virus.

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