Zim Doctors Seek Gvt Approval To Use IVERMECTIN & Nano Silver To Treat COVID-19

ZIMBABWEAN doctors who are at the forefront FIGHTING covid-19 have written to the Ministry of Health and Child Care (MoHCC) seeking permission to use a veterinary injection Ivermectin and Nano Silver to treat COVID-19.

HealthTimes Reporter

In a letter written to the health ministry permanent secretary Dr Jasper Chimedza by the College of Primary Health Care Physicians of Zimbabwe, they said they have been successfully using Ivermectin in conjunction with nano silver and the treatment registered god results.

Due to our constant perusal of the medical evidence we noticed the signals around Ivermectin in August 2020, largely in 3rd world countries like ours. We feel comfortable using this drug which has been around for 40 years, is on the WHO essential drugs list and has an excellent safety profile. We understand that it is currently not registered in Zimbabwe but we fill out Section 75 forms for non registered drugs all the time in the course of our practice.

“We have already written letters to MCAZ to apply for Section 75 approval of Ivermectin and the combination with Doxycycline and Zinc for both prevention and treatment. We heard from colleagues in South Africa who were using Ivermectin with excellent results although they too were losing occasional patients who presented late,” they said.

They added that since August 2020 they have also adopted the use of both Ivermectin and nano silver solution and have found this combination to be a game changer in terms of the management of our patients. (A few South African colleagues who were desperate also used the two in combination and can relate anecdotes of clearing an old age home hospital full of COVID patients in a week.

“They too were struck by the effectiveness and have actually put this protocol, called the SID protocol on the Ivermectin Africa website.) For the past 5 months we have used Ivermectin and nano silver, either separately or together, alongside the standard of care for our COVID patients.

“After the first wave when numbers were low it was less obvious just how successful this regimen can be but when the second wave hit in mid December we found that using this protocol was extremely effective. We use far less oxygen, far fewer patients progress and in fact some practitioners estimate that they have a less than 1,5% mortality using this combination. We believe that the Zimbabwean case fatality rate would be significantly higher over the last month if we had not been able to use it. We also subjectively believe that it is as useful in prophylaxis as our South American counterparts have found.”

They added that  treating  patients with standard guidelines have not worked or helped those who are not in the 85% who will recover anyway and this fact is reinforced by the massive number of deaths in USA and Europe where they have ICU beds, specialist nursing staff, unlimited oxygen and access to drugs like Remdesevir, mono clonal antibodies and convalescent plasma.

Letter to Dr Chimedza PS from CPCPZ



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