#JUSTIN: Blood Stocks Critically Low, NBSZ Appeals For Blood Donations

THE National Blood Service of Zimbabwe (NBSZ) is appealing for blood eligible blood donors to come forward and donate blood amidst indications that the blood bank is running low on blood stocks.

By Michael Gwarisa

The blood bank is currently running on a hand to mouth basis and is sitting on less than a day’s supply, whilst a healthy bank should have at least five days supply.

In a statement, the NBSZ Communications Officer, Mr Ephraim Mubayi said the blood stocks levels have been affected by the prevailing COVID-19 induced lockdown which has restricted movement for mots blood donors.

NBSZ is urgently appealing for blood donors of all blood groups to come forward and make that life saving donation as the blood stocks for are critically low. The COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges that have impacted on blood stocks globally and Zimbabwe has not been spared.

“It’s hard to underscore how damaging the one-two punch of COVID19andthe lockdown measures have been on the blood bank.It’s not due to more patients needing blood products but rather, it’s reduced numbers of donations coming in. NBSZ is appealing to all blood donors who are due or who have not donated for a while and to healthy members of our communities who have not donated before to come forward and make a lifesaving donation,” said Mr Mubayi.

He added that the NBSZ daily stock requirements nationally are at 315 units of blood.

“A little of your time will ensure that patients undergoing surgery and receiving treatment for cancer and blood diseases, such as leukemia, continue to receive the life-giving transfusions they need.

“For one to be eligible to donate blood, you must be aged 16 years or older,weigh at least 50kgs or more and be in general good health.Donors of all blood types are urged to give blood at their nearest donor centre or mobile blood drives.As from Thursday 18 February 2021, NBSZ Clinics open from 0800to 17:00hrsto provide more opportunity for donors to donate.”

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