Life Could Get Tough For Those Who Refuse Vaccine Says Mnangagwa

PRESIDENT Emerson Mnangagwa has warned that those who refuse to get the vaccine voluntarily might in the future find it difficult to get employment opportunities and to board public transport in the near future.

Staff Reporter

Speaking during the launch of the irrigation scheme, President Mnangagwa said even though taking the vaccine was voluntary.

“My cabinet and myself in the next two weeks when the next consignment comes, i will be vaccinated and you will be vaccinated tighter with my ministers. You are not forced to be vaccinated but time shall come when those who are not vaccinated won’t get jobs and won’t be able to board ZUPCO buses. So you have to see what you can do now and the vaccines are free,” said President Mnangagwa.

Listen To Mnangagwa speaking

Zimbabwe received its first consignment of 200 000 doses of the Sinopharm vaccine from China recently.  The country is also set to receive another donation of 200 000 doses from China in the next few weeks while the government of India has also pledged 75 000 of a Covid-19 vaccine.

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