New Malaria Causing Mosquito Variant Discovered In Africa, This One In Also Found In Urban Areas

A new Malaria causing Mosquito variant that is usually found in India has been discovered in some cities in Africa and has the potential to be devastating, a top scientist has said.

Staff Reporter

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the African Applied Chemical Dr Mthokozisi Sibanda told the ENCA that even though the impact of the new variant was yet to be felt, it was likely to give Africa some problems.

We have not seen the impact as yet, we sill need more evidence. They do what they the Mosquito vector survey, they need to survey the vector and see how it proliferates particularly in those urban areas. Later that is when we will start to see this impact of this new strain of Mosquito.

“But it is worrisome because Malaria is more concentrated in rural areas so if you have a vector that thrives in urban areas, then it becomes a bit of a worry,” said Dr Sibanda.

He added that there is still research as to why the Mosquito decided to invade Africa at this point in time and no one fully understands why this particular vector is now appearing in urban areas in Africa.

“It could be anything, it could be climate change so really the studies need to be done to find out why this vector seems to proliferate in urban centers of Africa.”




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