Government pleads for the increase of vaccine uptake

THE Zimbabwean government has pleaded with citizens to increase the uptake of the Sinopharm vaccine as the country is banking on mass vaccination to defeat the raging Coronavirus.

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The uptake of the first batch of the vaccination seems to be very low because of many conspiracy theories that have been awash on different social media platforms.

Addressing the nation virtually, Emmerson Mnangagwa, the President of Zimbabwe said the government was investing in massive vaccination and people should turn up in their numbers to get vaccinated.

Since 2020, Zimbabwe has been fighting Covid-19. We have lost so many of our loved ones and those who have survived are still coming to terms with the trauma.Our lives have changed as we adjust to the new normal. Many of you have been asking: Is there a way out? Is there protections against Covid-19?’Iam here to tell you that you and I have a role to play.

“Covid-19 vaccines have been delivered to Zimbabwe. These vaccines help minimize the risk of infection and are being administered all over Zimbabwe free of charge. So get vaccinated now. This is our stand against Covid-19 now,” Mnangagwa said.

Solwayo Ngwenya, Mpilo Central Acting Chief Executive warned of an imminent third wave which could be coupled with deadly variants which would result in the rise of fatalities.

Zimbabwe has so far has vaccinated only 36 283 front line workers from the donated 200 000 vaccines from China. Progress has also been registered in receiving the second batch of 200 000 Sinopharm vaccine from China,75 000 Covaxin from India and 20 000 doses of Sputkin-V from Russia.

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