Retail Pharmacists Association Petitions Parliament Over Obsolete Public Health Act amendment

THE Retail Pharmacists Association (RPA) has submitted their petition to Parliament seeking the amendment of the Public Health Act. By Patricia Mashiri Giving Oral Evidence to the Health and Child Care Parliamentary Portfolio committee, Jocelyn Chaibva the Chairperson, RPA Association said the Public Health Act was crafted in 1924 when medical related professions were still few and it does not recognize them although other health related have increased. The Health Public Act was registered long before some of the health professionals came into existence hence they are not recognised by…

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#BREAKING: Three Rape Cases A Day In Mash Central, Family And Close Relatives Major Perpetrators

Sup Tungadza

MASHONALAND Central province has been recording  alarming rates of rape cases of minor girls and young women, amidst indications that the whole province has been registering not less than three rape cases on a daily basis for the past 12 months. By Michael Gwarisa in Bindura The increase in rape cases has largely been attributed to the COVID-19 induced lockdown as minor girls and young women were locked indoors with abusers who are either their close relatives and or their neighbors. Briefing an International Women’s Day commemorations event in Bindura…

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