Retail Pharmacists Association Petitions Parliament Over Obsolete Public Health Act amendment

THE Retail Pharmacists Association (RPA) has submitted their petition to Parliament seeking the amendment of the Public Health Act.

By Patricia Mashiri

Giving Oral Evidence to the Health and Child Care Parliamentary Portfolio committee, Jocelyn Chaibva the Chairperson, RPA Association said the Public Health Act was crafted in 1924 when medical related professions were still few and it does not recognize them although other health related have increased.

The Health Public Act was registered long before some of the health professionals came into existence hence they are not recognised by the Act. We need recognition of all health professionals as they play a critical role in the Zimbabwe’s Health sector as much as health doctors.

“Recently because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we witnessed a great role played by the laboratory technicians. As times are changing, we change with time therefore the Public Health Act should change with time and suit with the changing times,” Chaibva said.

Chaibva highlighted that there is no longer monopoly in the medical field and all other medical activities therefore other health actors should be recognised as equally as medical doctors.

“Pharmacists have been holding public officers and doing well. Medical doctors are no longer holding monopoly in the medical field therefore everyone in the health profession should be recognised. We request the Public Health Act be amended. Sections like section 9:2, 13:2a and 21 to include all other health professionals,” Chaibva said.

The petition is going to be debated by the Health and Child Care Parliamentarian Portfolio on the 13th of April. The Public Health Act came into existence in 1924. It seeks to protect and promote public health, control the risk to public health and promote the control of infectious diseases.

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