City Of Harare Amplifies COVID-19 Vaccination

THE City of Harare has upped the COVID-19 national vaccination programme by offering the service free of charge from their clinics in Harare.

By Catherine Murombedzi
Health Correspondent

The COVID-19 vaccination programme kicked off last month with healthcare workers prioritised.
The Vice President and Minister of Health and Child Care, Constantino Chiwenga was the first to receive the vaccine leading the way by deeds. The programme has opened up to all requiring to have the prevention jab.

Yes, we are offering COVID-19 vaccination with effect from 1 April, tomorrow, from our centres. It is open to all who need it. Vaccine education is also on offer with recipients informed of the choice,” said the City Communications Manager.

Currently, Zimbabwe has three COVID-19 vaccines, the Sinovac and Sinopharm, both from China, Covarix from India, with Sputnik V from Russia expected in the future.
The country now has over a million doses.

To date, demand is improving after a slow uptake initially. ZTV main news reported 69 781 as vaccinated as of 30 March, 2021.

With more centres now offering the prevention jab, more people are set to access the vaccine after procrastinating and sitting on the fence undecided.

The testimonies of affirmation from the recipients are helping drive demand.

“I am a teacher, this is my second week after getting my 1st dose of the vaccine, I feel normal and am still taking my 8km brisk walks early morning,” said Johana Kasirori, openly living with HIV.

Dr Angela Mushavi, the PMTCT Director in the Ministry of Health and Child Care got her 2nd jab and has been up and running.

“My encouragement to all is let us all come out in our numbers and get vaccinated especially to the frontline health care workers out there who are yet to get their jabs. Our government has made these vaccines available; let us lead from the front and be role models in the fight against COVID-19.

“To those who have been vaccinated and to those who are yet to be vaccinated let us continue to observe hand washing with soap and running water for at least 20 seconds and sanitize our hands; let us practice physical distancing and mask up! Remember you protect me and I protect you,” said Dr Mushavi.

Oliah Musungate, who resides in Zvimba has witnessed all the 24 health staff at her local clinic vaccinated against COVID-19, non is ill. She was dispelling lies on people dying after getting vaccinated.

“Manyepo aya vasikana let’s not talk of zvatisina chokwadi nazvo, ma nurses epaclinic yatinorapwa kuno vakabaiwa tichiona vese staff vakazobaiwa 2nd dose musi wa23 vese vapenyu hapana chakachinja pavari or akamborwara hapana, musa post wrong information kuvanhu ndimi mavakuurayisa vanhu nenhema dzenyu,” said Musungate. ( It is all lies that people are dying after getting vaccinated. At our local clinic in Zvimba, all 24 health care workers were vaccinated and non got ill. They got the second injection on the 23rd, so please, do not post myths and lies).

More people should be vaccinated in order to get the national protection.
More than 70% of the population must be vaccinated for any nation to achieve herd immunity.

With the vaccine open to people above 18 years, the choice to prevention lies in your hands.

Get vaccinated and up your safety kit as you mask up, observe social distancing, wash hands frequently and sanitise to win the COVID-19 battle.

Be safe this Easter holiday as you cut out unnecessary travel, parties and beer binges.

#Mask up, COVID-19 is still here.

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