Mnangagwa announces Easter COVID-19 restrictions

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has announced additional measures against the spread of COVID-19 pandemic during the Easter holidays.

By Patricia Mshiri

“To safeguard or Nation, we need to take some additional measures to avoid a 3rd wave of the pandemic which is already attacking some Nations of the World:”

For the duration of the Easter holidays:

1. Travellers coming into the country from neighbouring States must undergo valid COVID-19 PCR tests not more than 48 hours from the time of their departure for Zimbabwe. Travellers without afrosaid valid test results clearing them for safe travel will quarantined for 10 days at designated hotels,at their own cost.

2. School learners who in boarding schools will not be permitted to travel back home. Equally no parents will travel to concerned schools for purposes of visits.

3. Bars and night clubs will remain closed during the Easter Holidays

4. All gatherings, including church services, funerals and wedding will be remain limited to not more than 50 people.

5. Wearing of masks and social distancing will be strictly adhered to and enforced.

6. People from different localities are encouraged to come forward to designated centres for vaccinations so that our Nation builds towards herd immunity.

7. The general public is encouraged to defer unnecessary travel outside localities of residence.

8. As already stated, coming into Zimbabwe without a valid negative PCR certificate will require quarantining in a hotel for 10 days at your own cost. Those with valid PCR negative certificates will self-quarantine at home or in a hotel for 10 days from day of arrival into the country.

9. Tourists who volunteer to be vaccinated can access vaccination services available in our country at their own cost” President Mnangagwa said.

Gathering of people has always been the cause of the spike in COVID-19 cases. The country has witnessed a spike in the COVID-19 cases after the December festive season. The second wave was more deadly than the first. The government is rolling out national vaccine programme countrywide in trying to combat the pandemic.

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