Say Good Bye To Fake COVID-19 Certificates Headache, CIMAS QR CODE Is The Real Deal

IMAGINE getting to Robert Mugabe International Airport (formerly Harare Int Airport), bags packed and ready to travel only to be told that your COVID-19 test certificate is invalid and you can’t go beyond the security checkpoint.

Heart rending, isn’t it? The golden rule of thumb is never to do shortcuts and use reputable COVID-19 testing centers before traveling. Issues of COVID-19 tests certificates fraud have been on an increase over the past few months as travelers try to bypass testing processes.  In January this year, a number of travelers were apprehended at RGM Airport for presenting fake COVID-19 test certificates in a bid to fly out of the country.

To eliminate COVID-19 certificates fraud, one of Zimbabwe’s leading Medical Aid company, CIMAS’s laboratories division, Medlabs has developed a QR CODE system on the COVID-19 results certificate which can be used to verify the result’s authenticity.


To begin with, juts open your camera application on your phone or QR CODE scanning application.

Step 2

Align the QR CODE or the results slip that you are scanning using your smart phone camera

Step 3

After scanning, a pop-up link will then appear on your screen, click the link

After clicking the link you will then be directed to the CIMAS MEDLABS results. The information you see should match what you see on the physical result slip being inspected.



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