Nurses Union Spearheads International Nurses Day Commemorations

THE Zimbabwe Urban And Rural Council Nurses Workers Union (ZURCNWU) is at the fore of the International Nurses Day commemorations to be held the world over on Wednesday.

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In a statement, ZURCNWU President Mr Simbarashe Tafirenyika said they have launched a campaign to appreciate the work done by these frontline health workers.

Please be advised that this year we will be launching the 12 May Movement with the hashtag #LetsGoWhite, an initiative that seeks to celebrate and commemorate the exceptional work that you as our members are doing. This event was developed through working with our business partners and will become an annual event,” he said.

At a time when Zimbabwean nurses, the city council workers in particular, are working under deplorable conditions, these nurses continue to soldier on with the belief that their profession is a calling.

“The justification of this initiative is that we appreciate the difficult circumstances that we are working under but despite all this you and we and other nurses who may not be part of our union, have continued to soldier on showing tremendous resolve. We appreciate and acknowledge all this and as such we believe it is time your efforts are duly recognised for their worth,” Mr Tafirenyika said.


To commemorate this day amidst lockdown measures, the nurses workers union say they decided to go the digital route encouraging the nation to wear white t-shirts.

“We will mobilise Zimbabweans from across all walks of life to appreciate your work by putting on either a white t-shirt or shirt. Mobilisation will be done through social media, radio and the internet.

“As such we are encouraging you as members to participate by spreading the official event flyer which we will send to you soon and where possible purchasing the event T-shirt which is already available. We will send through our WhatsApp group sample images of the t-shirt,” Mr Tafirenyika notified his constituents.

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