Ruwa Residents Enjoying Vaccination Experience

THE decentralization of COVID-19 vaccination has received overwhelming response from communities around the capital Harare and other parts of the country where vaccines are being administered.

By Tanaka Moyo

Speaking in an interview with HealthTimes in Ruwa, Mrs Shamiso Zvinamano who is also a vendor in Ruwa said she got vaccinated to protect her family and customers she interact with on daily basis.

I got vaccinated to protect my family and myself if i am to get in contact with a customer who have Covid-19. I am guaranteed that I and my family will be protected from getting seriously ill,”she said.

She encouraged her fellow vendors and the public to shun misinformation and fake news regarding vaccination. She encouraged Ruwa residents who are yet to be vaccinate to get their jabs while the window is still open.

“Some churches believe vaccines are not good, that they are just a way of initiating people into satanism. People like some of those from the white garment churches don’t believe in vaccinations. As we see most children who suffered from measles are the children of the white garment church goers as they do not believe in protection from vaccines.”Mrs Zvinamano added.

Meanwhile, Mr Anesu Masamvu a journalist with ZiFm Stereo said,”I just did it for myself and my family, i have to play a part and protect others as l interact with a lot of people and i have to get myself in a position that I am safe and I can ensure that the next person is safe as well,” he said.

He added that he is happy that he got vaccinated as he can now carry the duties of his job, interacting with a lot of people knowing that he is safe and protected.

“As a front-line workers we travel,telling stories, documenting stories and we should ensure we are protected from Covid-19,”said Mr Masamvu.

According to experts,they still learning how vaccines will affect the spread of Covid-19 and people who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 should keep taking precautions in public places like wearing mask, staying 6 feet apart from others and washing hands often.

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