India, WHO Donates Ambulances To Zimbabwe

THE Indian government together with World Health Organization have donated ambulances to the government of Zimbabwe in a bid to improve the quality of the health system in the country.

By Patricia Mashiri

In his acceptance speech, Vice President and the Minister of Health, Constantino Chiwenga thanked both the Indian government and the World Health Organization for the donation of 20 ambulances and a consignment of medical equipment.

In a clear showcase of the sound diplomatic relations that exist between our two countries , the government of India through its embassy in Zimbabwe, donated 10 Mahindra type of ambulances to my Ministry. The gesture attests to the unwavering friendship between the peoples of the two nations, moreso in the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic which to date claimed a huge toll of causalities across globe.

“The World Health Organization also decided to come on board, with a generous donation of yet another fleet of 10 Toyota land-cruser ambulances. Along with the fleet, is a consignment of ventilators, personal protective equipment, overalls, gloves, respirator masks, bio-hazard bags, goggles and Nuclear Buffer. The specialized and fully-equipped ambulances donated are fitted with ventilators to allow the administration of oxygen, to COVID-19 patients and other deserving patients. I am very appreciative to this massive donation by WHO,” Vice President said.

In his handover speech the Ambassador of India to Zimbabwe, Vijay Khanduja said it was a great honour handing over a fleet of ambulances to the country as a way of strengthening the relationship between the two countries.

“Today is a historic occasion in the long standing friendship relationship that India and Zimbabwe enjoy. The relationship is based on mutual trust, respect and solidarity. It is the shared past which gives depth and substance to the bilatrael relationship.

“We are passing through unusual and difficult circumstances. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected lives and livelihoods in more ways than one. It is important for the world to face this challenge in a determined and coordinated manner. India and Zimbabwe has stood with each other during the pandemic,” Ambassador Khanduja

Different provinces across the country will benefit from the donated batch of ambulances donated.

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