New Law Makes It Mandatory For Zim Bound Indian Travelers To Have Valid PCR Negative Certificate

THE government of Zimbabwe has gazetted a new Statutory Instrument (SI 134A of 2021) Public Health Act (covid-19 Prevention, Containment and Treatment) which states that travelers from India have to undergo a PCR test at their own expense even if they have a valid PCR negative certificate.


The SI reads “ (a) in subsection (1) by the insertion of the following resuming words to the definition of the ‘persons entering Zimbabwe’- however if the persons referred to in paragraph (a) or (c) arrived from India or transited through India in the course of their journey to Zimbabwe, they shall be subject to the provisions of subsection (4)(b)(i) of this section.

“In subsection (4) by the repeal of paragraph (b) and the substitution of the following paragraphs (b) with proof of a valid PCR negative certificate shall, if he or she (i) has arrived from India or has transited through India in the course of his/her journey to Zimbabwe submit to being retested (at his/her expense ) for COVID-19, and if A found to be positive taken to an isolation centre at the direction of an enforcement officer(and all reasonable expenses associated with the isolation shall be borne by the isolated person); or

“B found to be negative, be quarantined in a hotel (designated for the purpose by an enforcement officer) at his/her own expense, for a period of 10 days from date of arrival in Zimbabwe (at the end of which period he /she shall submit to being retested for COVID-19 at his/her expense by or at the direction of an enforcement officer,” reads the SI 134A.

The SI 134A came after the government detected the presence of B.1..617.2 in people who tested positive which is predominantly in India.



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