Rowan Martin Dead Lifts Pose Complications For Terminally Ill Employees

ROWAN Martin Building, the head office for Harare City Health Department has had  dysfunctional elevators for about three months, leaving health workers with health complications at a greater risk.

By Kuda Pembere

This has left some employees with underlying health conditions bearing the brunt. This complaint was registered to the Zimbabwe Urban and Rural Council Nurses Workers Union (ZURNZCU) which is engaging their employer over the issue.

ZURNCWU President Mr Simbarashe Tafirenyika in an interview said it was after interactions with members they learnt of the dysfunctional lifts.

We have elderly people who are still working for the Council who would want to consult at the staff offices. This is affecting the workers because some of them have got terminal ailments like high blood pressure and asthma. Others will not be able to use the stairs because they are disabled,” he said.

Mr Tafirenyika noted that the Rowan Martin Building has seven floors with the City Health Department stationed in the sixth floor.

“”What we want to tell the Town Clerk and the directors is that they should value staff welfare so that the employee can work in an environment that is conducive. They must fix this issue,” he said.
Harare City spokesperson Mr Michael Chideme acknowledged the building had the problem.

“Yes the lifts are not working at the moment. We have done work orders for that,” he said.

Contrary to popular belief that stairs provide an opportunity to exercise, people at the City Health Department Head office complain having health complications.

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