National Lockdown relaxed

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has announced a relaxation on the National COVID-19 lockdown following a decrease in daily average deaths from twenty to ten.

By Patricia Mahsiri

Through a televised address, President Mnangagwa said, “The marked decline cases and deaths is a clear demonstration that government’s careful implementation of public health and social measures including lockdowns in collaboration with all sectors and stakeholders is paying off. I’m therefore reducing a relaxation of the current level 4 lockdown to level 2. The realization includes but not limited to the following measures.

A curfew beginning at 2.00hrs and ending at 5.30 hrs, Ordinary business enterprises to operate between 08.00hrs and 19.00hr, restaurants and bars within hotels and lodges to open between 08.00hrs and 22.00hrs, Bottle stores may sell liquor to customers for consumption off the premises between 10.00hrs to 16.00hrs,beer outlets and night clubs to remain closed, public gatherings to be limited to not more than 100 people with observance of public health measures such as wearing masks, sanitizing, social distancing and temperature checks, and people being encourage to be vaccinated.

“The congestion of offices shall be at 50% of ordinary capacity, intercity transport is permitted with observance of public health measures, low risk sporting activities shall operate from 8.00hrs -15.00hrs while observing public health measures. Medium to high risk sporting activities shall obtain approval before hand. Persons entering Zimbabweans from neighboring countries must undergo a COVID-19 PCR test not more than the time of their departure for Zimbabwean.

President Mnangagwa added that government recognizes the threat of the pandemic especially in view of recent identification of the new virus variant by the World Health Organization.


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