RELATIONSHIPS: Dating The Important Step For Young People

Adolescence is a time that comes with its own challenges for young people and their parents or guardians. The young people have to negotiate carefully through the potential `landmines` that can detonate anytime during the adolescent years!

By Fadzayi Maposah

It is important to note that the mistakes that young people make in their adolescence can affect their future and also leave scars.
Adolescence should be treated with a lot caution! It is a time to be enjoyed and celebrated by the young people and their parents and guardians.

In the previous articles, there was discussion regarding family relationships. There was also discussion on the friendships that young people have, the importance of choosing good friends and also how to be a good friend too.Dating is one relationship that young people have and they attach a lot of value to it.

These days there are so many versions of `dates`. Some small children now talk about play dates!
This article is referring to the form of romantic courtship typically between two individuals. The aim of the relationship is for each of the two in the relationship to assess the other`s suitability as a prospective partner for a more intimate, permanent and committed relationship, marriage included.

Dating is a more of a public step. When young people begin to date it shows that they are willing for everyone around them to be aware of the relationship .It shows that as they are dating they have nothing to hide as they seek to get to know the other individual better.

Dating is important in that the two who are in the relationship are accorded an opportunity to get to know each other socially.

The date is the initial meeting and dating is when one has gone out so many times 
with the same person and they have stopped counting!

What is important to note is that since the issue on a date is to get to know the other person better, people who are dating should create a platform where they are able to have a conversation, talk and bond.

In getting to know one another a lot of activities can be done together.

While dating young people can watch movies together. In such an activity, one can realise that the movie that they chose did not appeal to the other individual and plan that in future they should allow their date to choose or choose a different genre. While watching a movie, there will be limited time or opportunity for talking especially if the two are watching in a movie house.

Other activities that can be done on a date include going to sporting activities together. The two dating can either watch others play the sport or can participate.

Eating out at a food outlet or at home is another activity that young people can explore when they are dating. Other young people can opt to go for walks, sit in parks or even help out at a charity. Activities that can be done on a date are varied and the young people have to be creative in ensuring that they have good dates!

It is possible to have group dates, where a particular couple sets up a combined date with other couples and they have time to be together as a couple and also to know the other couples that are in the group.

Young people need to be aware that when on a date they are able to pick up character traits of the other individual. A young person must realise that they are on a date with someone because they want to know the individual better. It does not mean that if one has agreed to a date they are then bound to be with that individual in a more permanent relationship.

One can go on a number of dates with an individual and realise that they have little or nothing that makes them suitable to continue with the relationship. In the next article we will look at how some activities that can be done on a date have far reaching consequences.


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