Avenues Clinic Holds Minute Of Silence To Honour Frontline Health Workers Who Succumbed To COVID-19

THE Avenues Clinic has observed a moment of silence for all doctors, nurses and other health workers who lost their lives due to COVID-19.

By Patricia Mashiri

Speaking during the event, Heath Dhana, the Chief Executive Officer, Medical Investment Limited said COVID-19 had affected everyone differently.

It’s a bit of a solemn occasion as we come together today in this time of so much pain and hardship that has been caused by the COVID-19. Almost one of us here has been touched somewhere by the brutality of this pandemic. As we stand here, we are going to take that time to reflect on those that we lost and acknowledge those that have been lost to us as well as those that pass through our hands as a hospital.

“We need to think dearly about particular members of our family here at Medical Investment Limited that succumbed to the pandemic. We also have so many of us that have personally endured losses too close to mention, too painful to reflect upon our hearts and minds goes out to them today, we remember them and praying that they are resting in peace and that there is comfort to those left behind. It is very hard to understand but we do ask for some level of comfort,” Dhana said.

He added that he wished that everyone heal from the losses incurred because of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.
The ceremony also witnessed the candle lighting and nurse’s pledge in which they pledged to work flat out to give out the best care to their patients despite their race, religion or political affiliation.

The COVID-19 pandemic had a huge negative impact on the society as many people lost work mates, friends, relatives and loved ones. This contributed to the rise of mental health cases across the world including depression.
It also contributed in the collapse of many economies since people could not operate during the COVID-19 induced lockdowns.

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