Full Economy Opening Premised On Vaccination- Mthuli Ncube

THE Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Professor Mtuli Ncube has called on Zimbabweans to get vaccinated for the economy to fully open up.

By Patricia Mashiri

Speaking during a Zimbabwe’s COVID-19 vaccination program on Zimpapers Television Network, Prof Ncube said there was no reason for Zimbabweans to shun vaccination as government procured millions of vaccine doses towards that cause.

Vaccination strategy in Zimbabwe is also an economic recovery strategy. We can only open up the economy safely if everyone is safe, if people will not infect each other. Therefore, people should get vaccinated and recovery will happen.

“We have drawn down 100 million united states dollars and was able to procure 12 million doses. We now have decided to use another 40 million united states dollars to acquire the remainder because we want to make sure we acquire about 20 million doses for 10 million people,” Prof Ncube said.

Professor Ncube added that Zimbabwe was making progress towards the herd immunity target and part of it is how citizens response to it.

"The government is doing all it can to get the citizens vaccinated. The issue here
is not about the supply of vaccines but people’s response."

There has been progress regarding vaccination as people are slowing appreciating the vaccination program. Progress has been halted by many myths and conspiracies which surrounded the vaccination processes spread through social media platforms mainly.

According to the Ministry of Health and Child Care daily Situational Report the cumulative number of people who have since received their first dose vaccination stands at 2 976 512 and 1 106 898 for the second dose.

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