Major Boost For Zimbabwe’s AMR Fight


ZIMBABWE has secured two flagship grants namely the Fleming Fund and Multi-Partner Trust Fund Grants to strengthen capacity through strengthening Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) detection and surveillance in the country. By Michael Gwarisa The two grants are being financed by the United Kingdom and the Netherlands governments. The UK is financing the Fleming Fund grant which is worth over US$5 Million and is being implemented and led by the Food Agricultural Organization (FAO). Officiating at the launch of the two grants which also coincided with the commissioning of the National Microbiology…

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WHO Explains Why Some Vaccinated People Still Get Severe COVID-19

A situation whereby fully vaccinated people contract COVID-19 also known as “vaccine breakthrough cases,” is largely determined by one’s immunity response vaccines as people respond differently to vaccine immunity, a top World Health Organisation (WHO) official has said. By Patricia Mashiri The world over, though in smaller numbers, some fully vaccinated people have been developing severe COVID-19 symptoms, hospitalizations and at times deaths, a development which has left many perplexed. Speaking during an HIV and COVID-19 Science Café, Dr Gasasira said with all COVID-19 vaccines available not all people have…

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Zim COVID-19 Infections Shoot Through The Roof…President Announces New Measures

ZIMBABWE President, Emerson Mnangagwa has introduced new measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the midst of a raging new COVID-19 wave which has seen new cases increasing fourfold over the past week. By Michael Gwarisa According to the ministry of health and child care (MoHCC), the number of new cases increased during the week under review, with 28 904 cases recorded compared to 5 055 cases the previous week. Announcing the new measures, President Mnangagwa confirmed that majority of the new cases were linked to the new Omicron variant.…

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