Girl 9 With Enlarged Tonsils Appeals for US$11K For Surgery

DESPERATE parents for 9 year old Tawana Monisha Chinhenzva are appealing for financial assistance to the tune of US$11,500.00, to have their daughter operated on to remove enlarged Tonsils that are making breathing a daily nightmare for the minor.

By Staff Reporter

Tawana was born with a bi cleft lip, palate, and brain tissues protruding through her nose. Her condition deteriorated into multiple conditions including enlarged tonsillitis which specialists say needs to be rectified urgently. Her condition has also led to her stunted growth.

At a glance, one would assume Tawana Monisha Chinhenzva is actually four. And the parents are leaving no stone unturned as they seek to put together US$11 500 for the minor to undergo treatment of the multiple ailments that are derailing her growth.

The tonsillitis are giving her a tough time, she needs to go through a joint operation of the Neurosurgeons, Maxillo, ENT, and Paediatrician urgently and the procedures require US$11 500.The conditions have kept her in hospital most of the time since she was nine days old when she went through a Craniotomy to assist her to breathe through the nose. Later she had another one on the Cleft Lip and it was successful and after that, she then started her journey in meningitis treatment,” said Mrs Chihnenzva, Tawana’s mother.

Two weeks later, she developed another complication.

“She had Feats so after a CT scan, it was discovered that she had excess water in her head…the condition called for emergency surgery to drain the excess fluid. In February 2020 she however was back in hospital for a third episode of Meningitis before another one in November 2021.

“It has not been easy for her, sometimes we explain some of the procedures to her and she has learnt to accept the situation. This has taken us to look for funding and help our Daughter, as by not having these operations done she might experience another Meningitis recurrence.”

Those willing to assist, she said, may contact her on +263772522129 (Pedina 
Chinhenzva) and her bank details are 2001283074 Steward Bank, Eastgate.



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