Generation Health Supports Persons with Albinism

GENERATION Health, one of Zimbabwe’s most sought after medical aid Fund has embarked on a widespread Corporate Social Investment (CSI) drive in a bid to extend a helping hand to various societal groups including persons with albinism.

By Michael Gwarisa

The Fund is supporting persons with albinism through procurement and distribution of sun protective gear. Generation Health also participated in the 6th annual International Albinism Awareness Day, under the theme “Strength Beyond All Odds.”

Albert Musakwa, Generation Health’s Managing Director said advocacy for individuals with albinism goes beyond International Albinism Awareness Day (IAAD).

There are many ways the global health community can get involved. Spread awareness, educate people about the condition and address related social stigma and discrimination. The Fund participated in the awareness campaign and advocacy against all forms of discrimination of people living with Albinism in Jerera, a district in Masvingo Province.

“People living with Albinism are subject to various forms of prejudice and in some instances, blatant abuse. Raising awareness for people living with Albinism goes a long way in communities to reduce the divide within communities. Additionally, awareness campaigns bring a spotlight to the plight of people living with Albinism regarding how they need special creams and lotion against exposure to the sun,” said Musakwa.

Generation Health employees on the ground

Generation Health joined other like-minded organisations, individuals, and civic societies in assisting the albinism community. Staff from Generation Health spent the day with People Living with Albinism in Jerera. The Fund also distributed sun protective gear to the community.

“As Generation Health we encourage everyone during this COVID-19 global pandemic to join the global effort to #BuildBackBetter. Let us all take a stand in the fight against all forms of discrimination against persons with albinism.”

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