ENT Patients Stranded As Parirenyatwa Shelves Non-Emergency Surgeries

PATIENTS in need of elective Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) surgeries at Parirenyatwa Hospital are currently struggling to get services as the hospital is currently focused on emergency surgeries only due increased for services.

By Michael Gwarisa

According to investigations conducted by the HealthTimes, patients have been visiting the facility with the hope of getting surgery bookings. However, the institution has rescheduling doctors appointments to a later date  for all elective surgeries cases.

Indications are that the Hospital last conducted elective ENT surgeries more than Six months ago. Patients who spoke to this publication said they were now caught between a rock and hard place as some surgeries such as adenoids removal were costing an arm and a leg in the private healthcare sector.

My child has been having challenges with her adenoids for some time now. She at times struggles to breathe at night when the adenoids are swollen. However, I came here end of October and I was given a date to see a doctor on January 9, 2023. I came and they gave me another date in March, I now don’t know what to do,” said a desperate father speaking to HealthTimes.

An adenoids removal procedure costs between US$1000.00 and US$1,500.00 in private health institutions. However, in government institutions such as Parirenyatwa, the procedure is free for children below the age of five.

Another old lady who was struggling with her hearing said she does not have the money to get treatment in the private healthcare sector.

Commenting on the development, Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals spokesperson, Mr Linos Dire however said they had not suspended ENT procedures but were only focusing on emergency surgeries.

“Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals has never stopped ENT surgeries. However, due to overwhelming numbers, the hospital has had to prioritize emergencies, which is consistent with best practice in challenging situations. Patients who are classified as non-emergencies have to go through our booking system.

“Prices for ENT surgeries differ depending on specific procedures to be carried out on each patient. As for private patients, individual patients look for private doctors of their choice and make arrangements with that private doctor for their admission in private facilities in Harare which include our own private wards. They also make arrangements for their surgeries where necessary,” said Mr Dire.



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