Ezra foundation donates sanitary wear in Mhondoro

MHONDORO – Ezra foundation has donated 267 kits of reusable sanitary wear to female students at Chitemere Secondary School in Mhondoro in an effort to end period poverty.

By Staff Reporter

Period poverty is a global issue affecting women and girls who don’t have access to the safe, hygienic menstrual products they need. Zimbabwe is experiencing rising cases of period poverty due to rising costs of living, making access to sanitary wear impossible for rural girls, and increasing cases of absenteeism at school.

Statistics from the World Bank show that in Sub-Saharan Africa some girls will miss as much as 20% of their school year while others may drop out of school altogether as a result of period poverty. The loss of education can mean girls are more likely to be forced into child marriage.

Melonia Munemo, the founder of Ezra Foundation, said menstrual health management remains a significant challenge for many women and girls in Zimbabwe, particularly in rural areas.

An absence of comprehensive menstrual health education in the school curriculum paired with widespread inflation and soaring living costs continues to drive period poverty across the country,” she said.

“When girls lack access to period products, it not only puts their confidence, dignity and education at risk, but they also do not feel protected. They’re less likely to be able to participate in their education and other activities, and this hinders them from reaching their full potential,” she said.

Munemo noted that Ezra Foundation believes that every child should have access to education despite their background.

“The donation of sanitary wear will ensure that no girl child is not attending school because of lack of sanitary

wear. We are grateful to our donors in Canada, in Zimbabwe and all private and public institutions who made this dream come true,” she added.

Ezra Foundation partnered with various schools and organisations in Canada and in Zimbabwe including Catholic Central Student Council, Catholic Central High School, St. Anne’s, Cardinal Carter, Holy Names, St Joes, CCH teachers and Students, Black African and Caribbean Graduation Coach, The University of Windsor Premed Society to raise money to buy reusable sanitary wear.

Edmonton, Alberta CanadaFounder: Ezra Foundation. The growing charity organisation also got assistance from Windsor Walkerville Rotary Club, Days for Girls

Windsor, Days for girls Harare Chapters, Windsor Union Local 240, and Aygails Collections. CEO of Aygail collections Chief Executive Officer Abigail Chivhiya, who was the guest of honour at the

event, challenged the students to work hard and aim for a better future.

“We are grateful for the kind gesture that Ezra foundation has shown to the girl child. Special recognition also goes to the donors who provided resources to make this event successful,” said Mrs Nhamoinesu deputy head of Chitemere Secondary school as she expressed her gratitude.

Ezra Foundation has over the past few months made several donations in the Mashonaland West province aimed at improving access to education in the rural areas.

Last year, it donated over 15 computers to Nyamweda Primary School, and provided uniforms, stationery and school fees to orphans and vulnerable students.

The foundation also started an income generating project for Nyamweda Primary school, a move that has equipped the school to finance some of its building projects to increase the number of schools.

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