Madagascar approves new law to remove testicles of paedophiles

Madagascar’s parliament recently passed a new law authorising the surgical castration of paedophiles convicted of their crimes.

This move mirrors a similar law recently enacted in Kazakhstan, where the most egregious child sex offenders will undergo surgical genital removal.

On February 2, the National Assembly of Madagascar approved the legislation, which permits the castration of individuals convicted of raping minors.

However, the new law specifies that those found guilty of raping a child under the age of ten will undergo surgical castration and receive a life sentence, according to Mail Online.

In cases where the victim is between ten and 13 years old, offenders will instead undergo chemical castration and serve 15 to 20 years of forced labour.

Minors found guilty of such crimes will be exempt from castration.

Minister of Justice Landy Randriamanantenasoa has expressed support for the bill advocating for the surgical castration of paedophiles.

Le Quotidien, a French-language newspaper, cited Ms Randriamanantenasoa as stating, “Society must know what they did and who they are.”

The bill, proposed by President of Madagascar Andry Rajoelina last month, was a cornerstone of his re-election campaign promises last year. Tribune

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