AHFoZ Conference on Health slated for September

The Association of Healthcare Funders of Zimbabwe (AHFoZ) will host its Annual “All Stakeholders Conference on Health”,  from 4-7 September 2024, at the Elephant Hills Resort in Victoria Falls. This prestigious event will bring together medical aid societies, healthcare professionals, policymakers, suppliers, medical aid member representatives, and all stakeholders from across the country and beyond, to discuss and explore strategies for improving healthcare outcomes.

Under the theme “Zooming in on our Healthcare Outcomes: Making the main thing the main thing,” the conference aims to highlight the importance of focusing on key priorities and strategies that will lead to enhanced healthcare outcomes for all Zimbabweans. By bringing together experts and a cross section of all stakeholders, the conference will foster knowledge exchange, collaboration, and innovation in the healthcare sector.

The conference will open with a golf tournament, followed by an innovation workshop which is a platform for participants to gain exposure to healthcare innovations from local innovators as well as innovators from beyond the Zimbabwean borders. The workshop provides a platform for healthcare start-up innovators to show case their work.  AHFoZ Recognition Awards will also be hosted on the sidelines of the conference to honour and celebrate those who have excelled in their respective spaces in the healthcare supply chain. Entry nominations for the Awards is open to all players in the health sector, including both Public and Private hospitals, healthcare providers and Funders. The categories include Customer Care, Corporate Social responsibility, and Best Health Reporter among others.

We are excited to host th15th edition of the AHFoZ Annual All Stakeholders Conference on Health and bring together key players in the healthcare sector to deliberate on ways to improve healthcare outcomes in Zimbabwe,” said Ms Shylet Sanyanga, the Chief Executive Officer of AHFoZ.

By focusing on the main priorities and adopting a collaborative approach, we believe that we can make a significant impact on the health and well-being of our citizens”, she said.


“The conference will provide a platform for participants to engage in discussions, exchange notes, and build partnerships that will contribute to the overall improvement of healthcare outcomes in Zimbabwe. It will also serve as an opportunity to disseminate information, showcase innovative solutions, research findings, and success stories from the healthcare community,” she added. 


Registrations for the conference are currently ongoing, interested individuals and organizations are encouraged to visit the Association of Healthcare Funders of Zimbabwe’s website for more information and updates. This is an “All stakeholders conference on health”. Everyone is a healthcare stakeholder. Everything begins   with good health.


The Association of Healthcare Funders of Zimbabwe is a non-profit organization representing the interests of healthcare funders in Zimbabwe. The association plays a vital role in advocating for equitable and affordable healthcare for all Zimbabweans. Through collaboration and engagement with stakeholders, the association aims to improve healthcare outcomes and promote sustainable healthcare financing models.

AHFoZ facilitates harmony in the health sector through facilitating negotiations and acts as an arbitrator between service providers and medical aid societies. Furthermore, AHFoZ conducts capacity building training sessions for its members and for healthcare providers. These include, among others, Trustees training to improve on governance and ICD 10 Coding Training Workshops to improve coding skills of healthcare professionals to enhance patient care, streamline administrative processes, and foster global collaboration 




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