HIV self-testing proves popular …as tailor-made service improves access

I have listened to people who are hesitant to get an HIV test, the moment they reach the health facility, they back off, for fear of the unknown. They have consoled themselves that, “It is better not to know, what you don’t know does not kill you.” Catherine Murombedzi How wrong it is, in health issues, what you don’t know has the potential to kill you. With many HIV infected males reporting at health facilities late, what they don’t know can be fatal. Thanks to HIV self-testing kits. For those…

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World pays the price to AMR low risk perception


By Catherine Murombedzi Misuse, abuse and unnecessary exposure to antibiotics, when they are prescribed and used for conditions that are not caused by bacteria, like colds and flus, allows antibiotic-resistant strains to develop, this was highlighted in a recent webinar by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and experts during the World Antimicrobial Awareness Week (WAAW). With antimicrobial resistance now ranked a leading killer among all other diseases and conditions, the world has run out of time amidst calls for urgent attention to end the AMR scourge. A clarion call by…

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Coping with diabetes, hypertension, a day at a time……complexity of lifelong medication

“Personally, I have been finding it difficult to manage the prescriptions and I have resorted to skipping doses, so that I manage to survive on the little I get to buy the meds. I am sometimes lucky to get handouts to buy insulin from well wishers,” a heartbreaking insight into the life of a diabetic. By Catherine Murombedzi A specialist in diabetes said there is no cure, but medication and the Dos and Dont’s, to manage the diseases with coping mechanisms inorder to lower the risks. “Diabetes mellitus and hypertension…

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